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We developed a patented conductive wireless charging technology that is so convenient and efficient. It’s time you upgraded to the Muggo Mug temperature control coffee cup, keeping your coffee warm until it’s gone.

Perfect temperature at all times

Keep your drink as hot as you want. You can set the temp up to 62.5˚C

No string attached

Smart coaster and bottle with a fast charging support. You can either connect to power for as long as you need or drink wirelessly

Safe materials

Made of double-layer vacuum stainless steel, food-grade ceramic, and IPX7 waterproof rated. Safe to use and to hand wash

Muggo Cup

Muggo Cup is a smart high-tech temperature coffee cup with built-in heating technology that keeps your drink at the perfect temperature for as long as you like. 

Control the temperature of your tea or coffee with precision for an ideal drinking experience. Muggo’s conductive wireless magnetic charging is easy to use and super convenient.

Muggo Qi

Muggo Qi is a mug that warms your drink.

Warm up your tea or coffee for the perfect drinking experience. The cup will heat your drink but also charge your smartphone.

Place the cup on its base with one hand, plug it in and enjoy.

Muggo Qi Cup
Muggo Temperature Water Bottle

Muggo Bottle

MUGGO BOTTLE, a smart water bottle and its built-in app-free that keeps you hydrated all day! This is designed for you with a drinking alarm, temperature water display, temperature retaining capacities, and its touch screen to personalise water bottles.

Muggo Mug

Control your ideal temperature with precision for an ideal drinking experience for your coffee or tea. Just pick the temperature you prefer by pressing touchscreen buttons + or – and enjoy your coffee at the perfect temperature.

Just with one hand, one snap, you can connect the Muggo with its battery, and enjoy your warm coffee on the go for hours.

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