Your Personal Temperature Coffee Cup

Enjoy your first sip to the last drop with the same vibes. Muggo comes with a patented conductive wireless charging technology that is convenient and efficient.

Muggo – coffee talks about vibes and its feeling. We have arrived to commit our valued customers with a warmth of coffee from the first sip, till the last drop.

The journey started in French many years ago. Muggo is one of the brands managed by Oui Smart. The mission is to develop the experience of drinking coffee. It offers reliable functionality from daily work commute to the streets less travelled, and everywhere in between. Now the Muggo temperature coffee cup is a necessity hot-beverage-lovers.

Muggo Qi – your coffee mood at all times

Muggo Cup – your everyday coffee cup

Muggo Mug – you forever on-the-go coffee

Can you wait for another fusion of coffee and technology?

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