Muggo Power Mug

Your Every Day Cup

  • 320ml or 10oz
  • Sliding Gesture Control Temperature
  • 2 hours Built-In Battery Life
  • Choose the temperature between 45℃ – 62.5℃


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Designed for Everyday Use

Because of its sleek design, it is perfect for use as your regular cup

temperature icon

Temperature Range

Choose Your Temperature

Long Battery Life

Auto Sleep

temperature icon

Temperature Range

Choose Your Temperature

Long Battery Life

Auto Sleep

Set Your Own Temperature

Enjoy your coffee at your perfect temperature. Choose between 45°C and 62.5°C with a simple sliding move on the coaster.

Drink it Warm

The built-in smart LED indicator light alerts you when it’s time to drink at your right temperature. So it would never be too hot to enjoy.

Easy to Clean

The mug is made of high-quality food-grade ceramic, making it safe to use for any hot beverage. The materials also make it easy to hand-wash like any other cup you own.

No App Install Needed

Deliver you ease of use, this Muggo self-heating mug shouldn’t make this difficult for users. This will not take up your memory space. Set the temperature control by sliding gesture. Furthermore, the charging indicator is on the coffee cup. Isn’t it so simple?

Low Maintenance

With its redesigned charging coaster, the Muggo Powermug is easy to clean. Heated coffee mug is safe to hand wash and submersible up to 1 meter in water. Nothing to worry about. 

Timeless Design

Made of double-layer vacuum stainless steel and the inside adopts advanced food grade ceramic acrylic paint technology. Double vacuum insulated that makes it retain the hot of the beverage. Intelligent heating system allows you to drink perfect coffee or tea all day. Included BPA free.


  • Capacity: 320 ml
  • battery: 2 hours
  • Color: black
  • Dimension: 110 x 89 mm
  • Muggo Powermug
  • Charging coaster
  • Europe AC adapter
  • User manual

YOUR EVERYDAY coffee cup

Muggo is the ultimate “everyday” coffee cup. Unique and clean aesthetic design, easy-to-carry Muggo’s sleek appearance makes it great for everywhere-carry, from the home to the office.

Muggo Cup Smart Mug


Muggo Power MugMuggo Volt GrandeMuggo Wood SeriesMuggo Travel Mug
Heating mug
QI Charging phone
Temperature control45 - 62.5 °Until 55°Until 55°42.5 - 62.5 °
Battery life2 H3 H
Mug warmer18W24W Max24W Max18W Max
Capacity320 ml380 ml250ml/350ml/450ml355 ml
Size (cm)11 x 8.911.6 x 11/8 x 20
ColourBlackBlack / WhiteBlack / White WoodBlack
Price89.9 €59.9 €59.9 / 69.9 / 79.9 €149.0 €

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

This was a great gift I didn’t know I needed. This mug does the job and keeps my coffee temp at the perfect heat!


I take forever to drink my morning coffee... and in the past it would just get cold and I would have to throw it out. I love this now as it stays warm and I can slowly enjoy it over hours!! I would caution that it can get HOT if you leave it on the plate full time, but I just alternate between having it on the plate or not depending on the temp between sips.


Great price and it keeps my coffee warm. So nice to be able to stay in zoom meetings and still have a warm cup of coffee. Highly recommend. I do hand wash and don’t leave it on the warmer if the cup is empty. Perhaps that is why some reviewers had the problem with cracked mugs. So far it’s great and I’m happy.


Muggo Cup Smart Mug
Muggo Cup Smart Mug
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Muggo Power Mug

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