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Muggo Smart Bottle: Smart Water Bottle that Beeps for You

✔️ Drinking Alarm to Stay Hydrated

✔️ Temperature Beverage Check

✔️ Stay Hot and Cold 24-hours

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MUGGO BOTTLE, a smart water bottle and its built-in app-free that keeps you hydrated all day! This is designed for you with a drinking alarm, temperature water display, temperature retaining capacities, and its touch screen to personalise water bottles. Grab MUGGO BOTTLE for your daily basis, it’s handy and pleasant.

Touch Control

Temperature Indicator

High Quality Materials

Muggo Temperature Water Bottle

Drinking reminder

Easily Washable

Fast Charging

Muggo Temperature Water Bottle

Innovation of Water Bottle 

LCD touchscreen on the bottle lid. A single touch on the screen will show you the temperature of beverage you have. No need for a thermometer to dye.

Hydration Bottle 

A smart bottle keeps you hydrated with an adjustable drinking alarm. Set the time you need to drink frequently, alerts with beeps will remind you to drink. Set a reminder 30 minutes up to 2 hours beep beep! 

Muggo Temperature Water Bottle
Muggo Smart Water Bottle

Smart Water Bottle

Integrated technology with no mobile application needed. This shows you beverage expiry indicator after 8 hours of inertia at the first single tap on the screen. A red circle marked with a flashing “X” will be shown. 

Temperature Indicator

The only one smart water bottle with display temperature by LCD screen. 

GREEN light on the lid shows you an optimal temperature of 0℃-36℃

ORANGE light represents medium alert with a temperature of 37℃-60℃

RED light displays a high temperature with 61℃-99℃.

Muggo Temperature Water Bottle
Muggo Smart Water Bottle


With IPX7 Waterproof rating, meaning that you won’t be electrocuted if Muggo Bottle got splash or even fell to the swimming pool. 

Insulated Bottle

Designed to be vacuum sealed, with a double shield to keep your drink hot 12-hours OR cold for 24-hours. Sip iced or hot coffee, that’s all yours. Effective in the long-term and avoid any chemical on the water bottle. 

Muggo Temperature Water Bottle
Muggo Smart Water Bottle

Reusable Bottle

Meaning this features a magnetic USB charger for you to recharge in only 90 minutes for 1 up to 2 months daily use! Splash worry-free, you can wash it at any time. 

Universal Designation 

Medium sized for you to carry everywhere. It is 600mL/21 oz. 

Available in black and white. 

Muggo Smart Water Bottle

Grab MUGGO BOTTLE for your daily basis

MUGGO BOTTLE, a smart water bottle and its built-in app-free that keeps you hydrated all day!

Muggo Temperature Water Bottle



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Levi Kerferd

My water assistant. I drink much more water now than before, thanks to Muggo. I wasn't a big fan of water, tend to drink coke and coffee instead. But since I got this bottle, drinking water becoming my habit. I used the reminder before but not anymore. I became more thirsty for water now.

Noah Torrens

I like everything about Muggo bottle beside the size. I hope they'll make a bigger size in the future so then it'll make it perfect.

Stella Maxwell

Top smart bottle. Me and my husband are in the mission to increase our water intake. But you know when we're so caught up at work, we just forget to drink or fill in the bottle. Not with Muggo. That beeps remind us to drink which is amazingly helpful.

Jorja Becker

Second purchase. This is the second bottle I purchased. I bought the first one couple months ago for my dad's birthday and he loves it. He's a big fan of hot tea and he told me that this bottle is perfect for it. No spill, no leak so it's a safe bottle for a hot tea drinker. Plus it keeps his tea hot for hours. I can't wait for mine arrive and it's in black too.

Tyson Birdwood

Love my Muggo! My bottle arrived 3 weeks ago and I'm seriously obsessed! It has a temperature indicator so I know how cold or warm my drink is. I like my water cold and Muggo helps me to keep it that way. I made a hot tea for my picnic and Muggo helps me to keep it warm the entire time. I basically using this bottle anytime and anywhere I go. Love it!!

Personalised Drinking Alarm Touchscreen on Lid

Muggo Temperature Water Bottle
Muggo Temperature Water Bottle
Muggo Temperature Water Bottle
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