Everything You Need to Know About Infuser Bottles and Tea Thermoses: Operation, Use, and Brewing Temperature

How does an infuser bottle work?

  • An infuser bottle is designed to facilitate the brewing of tea (or other herbs) while on the move. It generally consists of several parts: a main container, a removable infuser, and a lid. The infuser, often in the shape of a basket or cylinder, is placed in the bottle and contains the tea leaves. Hot water is then poured into the bottle, allowing the tea to brew directly in the container. The advantage of this bottle is that the infuser can be removed at any time, which allows you to control the strength of the infusion according to your taste.

How to use a tea thermos?

  • Using a tea thermos is ideal for keeping your tea at the desired temperature for several hours. Here are the steps to follow:
    • Preheat the thermos: Before adding your tea, fill the thermos with hot water, let it rest for a few minutes, then empty it. This will help maintain the temperature of your tea for longer.
    • Add the tea: Place the tea leaves or tea bag in the thermos’ integrated infuser.
    • Pour hot water: Fill the thermos with water at the appropriate temperature for the type of tea you are brewing.
    • Let it brew: Close the thermos and let the tea brew for the recommended time.
    • Remove the infuser: Once the brewing is complete, remove the infuser to prevent over-infusion.

What temperature should you brew tea at?

  • The water temperature is crucial for a perfect infusion. Here is a quick guide:
    • Green tea: Between 60 and 80°C. Water that is too hot will make the tea bitter.
    • Black tea: Between 90 and 100°C. This high temperature helps to fully extract the aromas.
    • White tea: Between 70 and 80°C. Like green tea, it requires less hot water to preserve its delicacy.
    • Oolong tea: Between 80 and 90°C, depending on whether it is light or dark.

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