10 Easy Tips for Staying Warm in Winter

The cold season is always a difficult time for everyone, but it can be especially hard for some individuals. For example, people with chronic illnesses are more likely to get sick during winter because their immune system is compromised.

But there are many simple ways to keep warm and stay healthy in winter, here is a list for you.

1. Eat Thermogenic foods

During winter, it is best to eat food that takes longer for your stomach to digest. When your stomach is working so hard to digest the food, this process increases your body heat.

Thermogenic foods like lean meats and high carbs like potatoes or whole grains are your best choice here. 

eat potatoes to keep warm in winter
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

2. Bundle up with extra layers

One of the most simple things to do to keep warm in Winter is adding an extra layer of clothing. Clothes like a puffer jacket and thermal socks for your feet will keep your body warm.

3. Pre-warm your boots or gloves

Pre-heating your gloves or boots by putting them near a heater. 

Fingers and your toes can get easily cold because they are parts of your body farthest from your heart. Once your finger or toes get cold, your system automatically cut off circulation to that part of the body in order to avoid low-temperature blood returning to the heart

4. Don’t forget to cover your head

While keeping your body, finger, and your toes warm, don’t forget about your head. Whether you want to go outing or stay inside, it is always good to put on some winter hats because you will lose heat from any part of your body that is exposed to the cold.

two women bundle up in cold weather
Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

5. Start Moving

Sometimes, wearing extra layers is not enough, so it’s time to get moving. Clothing does not produce heat, it only helps keep the heat that your body produces. Do some arm swings, shoulder shrugs, swing your legs, and if there is enough space do jumping jacks. All of these exercises are simple and you can do them in limited space.

6. Insulate your windows

After you bundle yourself with extra layers, don’t forget to put some extra layers on your windows. In cold weather, it’s best for you to change the thin linen for thicker fabrics that can insulate your home better. 

7. Stay Hydrated by taking a sip of a hot beverage

While waiting for your home to feel warmer, why not brew some hot beverage? Drinking some warm beverages will help in raising your body temperature faster. So brew some ginger tea, or black coffee then take a sip.

Check our Hot Cappuccino Under 10 Minutes Recipe.

8. Retain warm hand with Muggo Mug

To make the warm beverages feel more complete. Use our self-heating Muggo Cup. Not only keeps your beverages warm, but it also can be a good hand warmer. Our Smart Cup can keep your hand warm for up to two hours.

keep hand warm with Muggo Cup

9. Don’t shower with a warm water

Alternate between cold and warm water instead. Showering with warm water may feel good during cold weather. The thing is, your body temperature will drop after getting out of the shower because your wet skin will be relinquishing heat faster.

10. Try Cuddling

It is a natural and instinctual way to keep warm in winter. The warmth of the body creates an environment where blood flow is increased and the temperature of the skin is increased. The person who is being cuddled also feels more cared for and loved which releases oxytocin, a hormone that can help regulate your body temperature.

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