Why You Should Ditch Traditional Thermos For A Smart Thermal Bottle‍

You’ve probably been using the same thermos or water bottle for years now to keep your hot beverages hot and your cold ones cold. But have you ever stopped to think about how much time, effort and money that can cost over a period of time? Or maybe you’ve never thought about it at all? Either way, we’re here to help you out!

In this article, we will look into why you should ditch your traditional thermos/water bottle and replace it with a smart one instead. If this sounds interesting to you, read on!

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The Benefits of Using a Smart Thermal Bottle

Traditional thermos and water bottles may not cost much at first, but they do cost you in the long term, and they can affect your health as well. For example, let’s talk about the health hazards of using a traditional thermos. While they may look and function like a regular water bottle, the plastic inside it can cause serious damage to your health.

Overall, changing to a smart thermal bottle is not only cheaper, but also has so many more benefits. So, let’s talk more about those benefits! Below we have listed 4 benefits of using a smart thermal bottle over a traditional one.

Check the Temperature Before You Drink

There are certain smart thermal bottles that can measure and display the temperature of your beverage. Some smart thermal bottles display it on an app on your phone, while others display it directly on the bottle. This means that you do not have to take a sip to make sure that your beverage is as you like it. Just look at the phone app or bottle and know that it’s perfect. No more burning your tongue and no more wasted beverages!

Being able to check the temperature of the drink means that you will not burn your tongue when drinking it. Thus, it will also not cause a mess when you are eating or drinking. The drink or soup will not overflow from being too hot.

Smart Thermal Bottles are Environmentally Friendly

If you are the type of person that cares about the environment and wants to make an impact, then you should switch to a smart bottle. BPA can have a terrible impact on wildlife, especially aquatic life in both freshwater and saltwater areas. This is because they often become reservoirs for contaminants. A smart bottle is made from BPA-free plastic. This means that it is a safer and better option for the planet.

Healthier for the Body

As mentioned above, BPA has some terrible effects on the environment. Not only that, it is also hazardous

BPA is a chemical found in many plastics. This means that it is found in everything from water bottles to baby bottles. BPA is harmful to people because studies have found that BPA can leach into the beverage when it is placed in a hot environment. When BPA is ingested, it can cause issues with a person’s reproductive and endocrine systems. This is why smart thermal bottles are BPA-free..

Save Money on Commuting & Fuelling

Because smart bottles can keep your beverages at the right temperature, you will not have to worry about wasting fuel by letting your beverage cool down. This means that you can go about your day and not have to worry about wasting fuel. You will also not have to worry about having to make several trips to the store because you cannot finish your beverage. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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A smart thermal bottle will keep your beverages at the right temperature, keep them fresher for longer and save you money in the long run. With all of the benefits listed above, it is easy to see why you should ditch your traditional thermos/water bottle and replace it with a smart one instead. If you like these benefits, then you should definitely consider upgrading your water bottle or thermos to a smart one. They are worth the investment and will last you a long time.

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