Camping Tips for Beginners: Things to Know Before You Go

Camping is a relatively fun outdoor activity that many can do to spend time in nature. It can be a nourishing and bonding experience with friends and family. Just imagine waking up to the beautiful sounds of nature, or even watching the sunrise at dawn. It just seems so magical. 

Going out on a camping trip can have several benefits, from physical health benefits to stress relief. But keep in mind that camping can quickly turn into a nightmare. To have a great and safe time during a camping trip, having proper preparation is a must. This is especially true to first time campers who are looking to spend some time in the great outdoors.  

So, here are some simple tips for camping to help make your trip worthwhile.

Camping tips: Grab Your Camping Gears
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Grab Your Camping Gears 

As a beginner, getting camping gear can seem rather overwhelming. Take time to think about these questions: Do you plan to share a tent with anyone? Do you plan to focus on a certain type of camping or eventually get into things like backpacking? What’s your budget? These questions will act as a starting point in getting your gear ready. 

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Sleeping Pads & Bags
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Sleeping Pads & Bags 

Getting good quality sleeping pads and bags can seriously save you from terrible sleep. Sleeping pads provide cushion and insulation between you and the ground. As a beginner, get one with an R-value of around 2 to 2.5. As for sleeping bags, pick one that’s down-filled to keep you warm in colder temperatures. 

Camping tips: Always Check the Weather Forecast
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Always Check the Weather Forecast 

Camping can go terribly wrong in minutes. So, be sure to always prepare for bad weather. Check the weather forecast often to get a good idea of what to expect. Bring plenty of warm layers, waterproof clothing, sun protection, insect repellent, and maybe even a small umbrella. It may be worthwhile to pack your stuff in waterproof bags to be extra safe. 

Camping tips: Plan Your Activities in Advanced
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Plan Your Activities in Advanced 

Find out about the campsite you’re going to  online. Get to know what kind of activities you’ll be able to do there. For example: Can you fish there? Are you thinking of building a fireplace? Are there cycling trails there? Planning in advance will help you better prepare all the things you will need. That way, you won’t have to miss out on any fun activities that you’ll be able to do there. 

Camping tips: think about what you'll cook
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Plan the Meals Before You Go

Another thing that should be planned in advance is food. Think about what you want to eat during the trip. That way, you’ll know what to get and bring to the camp sites. It’ll also help you avoid bringing food that you might not eat. Remember to dispose of the food waste properly to avoid littering. 

Camping tips: Bring a Portable Charger
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Bring a Portable Charger 

Being out in nature does have many perks, but it’s always better to be cautious.Without a charging place, your phone will most likely run out of battery. It’ll be a shame if you have nothing to take pictures with, as well as nothing to use to call for help if you need it. So, be sure to pack a portable charger with you for the trip. 

Camping tips: Respect Your Neighbours Privacy
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Respect Your Neighbours Privacy

Not everyone is a fan of having random chats with next door neighbours. Some people like to be outdoors to get some quiet time by themselves. So, if there happens to be other campers in the area, try to keep to yourself as best you can. Saying a short hello wouldn’t really hurt anyone, but keep it simple. Be mindful to not be too loud to avoid disturbing others around you. 

Tissue and Wet Wipes 
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Tissue and Wet Wipes 

Mud, drops of food, or drink spills can end up being really messy. Pack some tissue or wet wipes to help keep things clean and tidy. It’ll also come in handy when there are little cuts or wounds that need to be treated. Aside from that, most campsites may not have toilet paper in the toilets so it’s good to bring some yourself. 

Woman cooking at campsite
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Take Care!

There you have it. Those are some simple camping tips to get you started on your adventure. Remember, time spent in nature is never a waste of time. So, have fun! Take time to really prepare so that you won’t miss or forget anything. 

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