Unique and Simple Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Every gift given, no matter how big or small, is a wish for happiness. Sometimes there’s a time when love and action is enough to express love. But other times, gifts can be a great way to show someone how much you know and appreciate them. 

Make this Valentine’s Day all about spreading love and kindness to those around you. This article has gathered a few gift options that are suitable for your girlfriend or boyfriend, and even your family. So, stay tuned.

Paint by Numbers Kit (the perfect valentine's day gift)
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Paint by Numbers Kit

Paint by numbers actually became a popular pastime in the early 1950s. It was invented in Detroit by Dan Robbins with the belief that anyone might paint a picture. It’s a wonderful invention as the belief that came with it is true. Anyone would paint if they could. 

During the pandemic, it’s popularity shot up. Paint by numbers became one of the top quarantine purchases both for adults and kids. This is mostly because it requires little-to-no-skill. This can be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your mom, girlfriend, or boyfriend. 

Homemade Chocolate or Cookies as a cute valentine's day gift
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Homemade Chocolate or Cookies

Food can be one of the best ways to get to someone’s heart. Baking a batch of cookies takes little time, and tastes delicious. Even more so because they can feel all the love you put in it. There are a whole bunch of simple cookie recipes that even first time bakers can do. Take time to explore it a little. 

If you feel that cookies and store-bought chocolates are too common, then try making your own chocolate. The challenge will be to get your hands on a couple of cacao pods. The whole process can take a couple of weeks because the cacao beans need to be fermented for 6-10 days first. The fermentation is important for the flavour development, so don’t skip it! 

Personalised Gift Box as a Valentine's Day Gift
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Personalised Gift Box 

Feel that one gift isn’t enough? Then try gathering little things that your family or partner loves and put it all in a personalised gift box. Let’s say your dad is a plant and animal lover, then get things like a small succulent, a little animal statue, and other things he may like.

You either do a personalised gift box or a themed one. For example, spa in a box, relaxation box, treat box, assorted tea set, etc. Gift boxes are a great way to show how well you know a person, in terms of what they like or may need. It’s the very definition of a simple but thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift, right? 

Sweeten the Air with Beeswax Air Fresheners as valentine's day gift
Source: UnSealed

Sweeten the Air with Beeswax 

In damp areas, it can be hard to keep a house completely clean. There will be some areas that have funk or other things with a funny smell. This makes people spend a lot of money on air fresheners. Although it has nice scents, the products often contain hazardous chemicals. 

Making a small gift to freshen the air out of beeswax is certainly thoughtful. Beeswax are natural wax produced by bees which makes it safe to have around in your house. The best thing about beeswax air fresheners is that you can use any shape or mould as well as any fragrance combination. 

Temperature Cup or Mug for mum's valentine's day gift
Source: Muggo

Temperature Cup or Mug 

Does someone you know love to drink tea or coffee? This might be the perfect gift for them. For many tea or coffee drinkers, the problem is usually that the drink usually gets cold before you can finish it. It’s also a problem when you drink it to-go on your way to work, for example. 

Getting them a temperature cup or mug is perfect. Why? Because it has built-in heating technology that keeps the drink at the perfect temperature for as long as they like. It also has wireless magnetic charging that is super easy and convenient to use. Try Muggo as not only is it using the latest technology, it also looks super classy and elegant. Perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Time to Get Valentine’s Day Gifts!
Source: Pexels

Time to Get a Valentine’s Day Gift!

The best thing to keep in mind while buying or making a gift is the person you’re going to give it to. With that person kept close in mind, it shouldn’t be that hard to find something simple that they will love. Take a step back to really feel what that person would like or need to make the gift extra thoughtful. Have fun! 

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