Stay Hydrated With These Easy Hydration Tips

Stay on top of your busy day by staying hydrated. Proper hydration allows your body to work properly. The body uses water to maintain its temperature and helps remove waste. Are you wondering how to stay hydrated throughout the day? Are looking for hydration tips?

Generally speaking, people should drink about 6 to 8 glasses of water each day. Although it seems trivial, water is beneficial for your overall health. This is actually a reasonable goal. However, busy days often lead us to forgo our hydration habits. Distraction takes our attention away, thus forgetting the simple things that mean a lot to our health. Dehydration can negatively affect how we function, especially digestion and immunity. Stay hydrated to allow your body to break down food and absorb all the nutrients.  Not to worry, now is the perfect time to get back on track with these hydration tips.

Easy and Simpe Hydration Tips

Staying hydrated isn’t always easy, but not impossible. The right tips and tricks can help you make sure you reach your hydration goals. Wait no more! Get your mojo back with these simple hydration tips to stay hydrated.

Know Your Baseline Hydration Level Before Adjusting Your Water Intake

Start your journey to stay hydrated by keeping track of your water intake. Use an app or a piece of paper to note down how much water you drink in a day for a few days. Once you have an idea of your baseline water intake, it’ll be easier to know much more you need to drink to stay properly hydrated. This is the basic and one of the most essential hydration tips to follow.

Hydrate Once You Wake Up and Before Meals 

Easier said than done, once you are tied up in routine activities it’s easy to forget to drink water. That being said, make it a goal to have at least two glasses of water first thing in the morning, and then drink one glass of water before every meal and snack.  Drinking before meals helps you slow down during mealtime, thus helping the body digest food better. It is the easiest tip and the best way to stay hydrated.

Experiment with How You Drink Water 

Some people find it difficult to drink water. Some say it’s too plain,  and some say it makes them feel funny. Is that a sign to give up? Well, not necessarily. Be open and experiment. Try drinking water with different temperatures and flavors. For example, try it with ice, without ice, at room temperature, or even with slices of fruit. Adding fresh fruit could be a major game-changer for those who find water too plain. It adds flavor while keeping it a healthy drink. 

Eat Your Water!

Did you know that eating your water is also a thing? If you are tired of drinking, it’s fine. Your body can absorb water from the food you eat. Spice it up by snacking on a delicious cantaloupe, strawberries, peaches, cucumbers, and watermelons. What an easy tip to stay hydrated!

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Keep Track of Your Hydration 

Ensure you reach your hydration goals by keeping a close track of them. Keeping track allows you to see how much more you need to drink, and it keeps you accountable. Do this by writing it down manually on a piece of paper or keep a note on your phone. You can probably find many apps that can help you keep track of your water intake. 

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Those are some hydration tips. Find it hard to keep track and reach your goals? Perhaps, you keep misplacing your notes? Or do you feel you’ve spent too much time on your phone to use an app? The answer is simple. Muggo Smart Bottle. This timed water bottle can keep you hydrated with an adjustable drinking alarm. It will beep to remind you to drink. It’s simple and easy to use. No pen and paper or phone needed! Just you and your smart water bottle.

Also it’s always better to drink water before and after your workout, but what about during? Find out here for other health tips!

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