Muggo Temperature-Controlled Mug: Keep Drinks Hot Till The Last Sip

Ever imagine enjoying the last sip of coffee (or tea) with the same warmth you had on the first sip? Most coffee or tea warmers will keep it warm for 30 minutes at most. Although these companies try to maintain the heat that seems ideal for drinking, the fact that it doesn’t last long is a long shot. Why ruin the vibes with a cold sip of coffee or tea? Both tea and coffee will lose their liveliness and the tea will turn stale the longer it sits in. 

Ideally, a travel mug for coffee should be able to keep your drink warm enough for as long as possible. That way, whether you drink in quick or slow sips, the taste of the drink wouldn’t change. One way to solve this problem is to have a temperature-controlled mug.

Muggo – Your Personal Temperature-Contolled Mug

Luckily, we live in a world where Muggo exists! Muggo-coffee is all about coffee vibes and feelings. Muggo comes with a commitment to bring customers the warmth of a cup of coffee from the first sip, till the last drop. 

Starting its journey in France, Muggo’s mission to develop the experience of drinking coffee (and tea, of course), has led it all over the world. What better way to enjoy your favorite drink than with a cup that offers reliable functionality? Never worry about a dull cup of coffee or tea ever again. All you need to do is get a Muggo temperature coffee cup. 

As a must-have for hot beverage lovers, the Muggo temperature-controlled mug comes in five different types. Check out the rest of the article to learn more.

Muggo Qi: Temperature-controlled mug

Muggo Qi

Your coffee mood at all times. This travel coffee mug always keeps your coffee at 55ºC. Muggo Qi comes with fast wireless charging for cell phones. The automatic heating system is designed to keep any drink at the perfect temperature for an extra hour. This self heating mug even can turn on and off automatically. 

Muggo Smart Bottle

A smart water bottle that beeps for you. It comes with a drinking alarm to help you stay hydrated. If that isn’t good enough, it has an LCD screen with a temperature indicator.

Muggo Smart Water Bottle
Muggo temperature-controlled mug

Muggo Cup

Your everyday coffee cup. Equipped with a ready-to-drink indicator, Muggo Cup lets you set an exact drinking temperature, giving you the perfect drinking experience. A built-in LED indicator notifies you of the perfect time to drink. Forget overcharging, Muggo Cup can sense when to turn off with auto sleep. 

Muggo Mug

Your forever on-the-go coffee mug. Be active and pursue your goals fearlessly. Muggo Mug will be by your side to keep your beverages perfectly warm. It allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, thus making it perfectly suited to your taste. 

Muggo temperature-controlled mug
Muggo Moovy Bootle: Stay Hydrated Safely

Moovy Bottle

Easy cleaning water bottle. Crafted with a middle opener, Moovy Bottle lets you reach the deepest bottom to easily clean it. This water bottle is even textured inside and out with antibacterial material to keep you hydrated safely. 

Muggo is the perfect fusion of coffee and technology. Drink with comfort at the perfect temperature. Feel the amazing power to control the temperature of your drink with ease. Calling all hot-beverage lovers out there, enjoy the perfect drink with Muggo – the best travel temperature-controlled mug.

Muggo exists to make your daily life more enjoyable. The Muggo temperature-controlled mug is ready to accompany your daily activities such as working, traveling, or even watching movies. Enjoy your movie time hassle-free by using a mini projector.

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