6 Picnic Aesthetic Tips: Nothing’s Better Than a Picnic

Have Fun with an Aesthetic Picnic

Better weather is soon approaching. That means it’s the perfect time to start preparing your picnic aesthetic. Start stocking up on the best picnic supplies that you can find to spice up your outdoor activities. Why start preparing early? Well, it gives you a lot of time to really decide what you want for the picnic. Thus, making it even more worthwhile. 

Recently, a few social media platforms have shown us how picnics can be an incredible aesthetic. The best part is that you and your friends or family can even customize it depending on the preferred  taste. However, there are a couple of things that are quite important for an aesthetic picnic in general. So, what are those things? 

6 Things to Bring for an Aesthetic Picnic
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6 Things to Bring for an Aesthetic Picnic

Picnic Baskets 

Picnic baskets are a picnic essential, especially if you want the picnic to be aesthetic. Try getting your hands on one that opens up. That way, it’ll stop all the food from getting jumbled around. Having picnic baskets isn’t just for practicality, though. It’s also useful as a prop and will make the pictures look incredible. 

Picnic Blankets 

Clearly you’d want to avoid getting the trendy picnic outfits dirty during your outing. The solution is pretty simple. Get yourself a cosy picnic blanket to sit on. Try looking at different picnic blankets and pick one that suits the aesthetic you’re going for. If it’s a picnic at sunset, bring an extra one just in case it gets chilly. 


Be sure to make your picnic extra aesthetic and comfy with a couple of soft pillows. It’s good to sit on, lie down on, or even to just use as props in photos. Regardless of how you’ll use it in the end, it’s definitely something you wont regret. Keep in mind to bring one that suits the colour theme or the aesthetic that you’ve chosen for the picnic. 

Wooden Boards or Cheese Boards

Charcuterie boards have really been trendy these past few weeks. But, let’s get real, would you really bring a big charcuterie board on a picnic? Opt for a smaller version instead. Cheese boards tend to be smaller but look just as cute and aesthetic. Put any kind of food on it to give it a boost. 

Flowers and Fruit 

What better way to complete the aesthetic than with cute flowers and fruit? It’s an absolute must have in picnics. Order simple bouquets or just buy the flowers and arrange them yourself. Set aside some fresh fruit to make the picnic full of life and colourful. 

The Actual Meal

Pack food items that are easy to transport, won’t spill, and aren’t too messy. To make sure the picnic is aesthetic, there’s a couple of other things that you should think about. Consider the colour, messiness, and how realistic the food is (it shouldn’t just look pretty, but also good enough for you to enjoy afterwards). 

Extra Tips for the Perfect Picnic
Source: Pexels

Extra Tips for the Perfect Picnic

Before we part ways, here are 2 extra tips to help you prepare for the picnic. Aside from these 2 tips, you’ll also want to have a good camera with you to take better pictures with. If you have any and feel like you need them, bring extra non-food props to make your pictures even better. 

But, wait. What happens once you’ve taken so many lovely pictures? It’s not right to just leave them on your camera or computer. Do them justice by reviewing them together with your friends. Make it the best possible experience with a portable projector.

Colour Scheme

Aesthetic photos are a work of art. That means it’s absolutely necessary to have a good colour palette. Avoid using too many colours as it will make the picture look too busy. One of the most go to colour combinations are greens, whites, and tans with pops of red. Decide the colour scheme depending on where you want the focus  or the goal to be. 

Oops, Spilled Drinks? 

This can be a major issue when traveling with food and drinks. Sometimes the bottle doesn’t close properly, making the drink drip right out. Not only does it make a mess, it’s also a major waste of commodities. 

Opt for better options when packing drinks for your aesthetic picnic. Try the Muggo Smart Water Bottle, Moovy Bottle, or the Muggo Mug. Not only are these mugs aesthetically pleasing, they’re also the safest bet to transport your favourite beverages without making a mess. And besides, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a cup of warm tea or  coffee during the picnic? 

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